A beautiful, interesting and creative way to keep plants at home.

Make your own Terrarium, step by step with us

Terrariums are a beautiful, interesting and creative way to keep plants at home. Whether you’re looking for a desktop companion, a contemporary way to liven up your home, or a fun project to do with the kids, terrariums are a great option.

On this workshop you will learn The art of doing your own terrarium form start to finish, the correct techniques and the proper care.

Come and enjoy every step of the process of making your own personalized terrarium hand in hand with our plant and design expert, Rodolfo Mata.

About Rodolfo Mata

Rodolfo Mata is a costarrican landscaper with more than 30 years of experience in the plant and design business.

He is specialized in tropical plants and garden designs for urban and coastal areas,  Mr. Mata got a certification from one of the most important vertical garden companies in the world where he now creates his own designs of walls, not only with living plants for interior and exterior, but preserved moss designs the are just like art pieces.

With more the 10760 sq ft. approx. of construction  of vertical and conventional gardens,  the experience of Mr. Mata also includes residential and commercial.His vast experience in the field will create a big impact on what you are going to learn in this workshop.

What you'll need for the workshop

Base (crystal,wood base), Small rocks or sand, Glue (Elmer's Washable Clear Glue works great), Disposable Spoon, Air Plants, Decorative Elements (Branches, flowers, moss), Hot glue silicone and glue gun, Plant tweezers. Includes all materials needed for the terrarium and step-by-step instructions

Terrariums can also be made with living plants such as succulents, in this case instead of rocks use soil mixed with fine sand or small rocks.

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