In home delivery and installation

Specially for those who want to enhance their outdoor or indoor spaces

Perfect for homeowners and businesses seeking to enhance their outdoor landscapes or interior spaces with vibrant greenery

Here are key aspects of the in-home delivery and installation of greenery:

Plant Selection: Choose from a diverse range of plants and greenery, including flowers, trees, bushes, succulents, and indoor houseplants. The selection is tailored to customer preferences and the suitability of plants for their specific environment.

Delivery: Your chosen greenery is delivered directly to your home, ensuring safe transportation to prevent damage during transit.

Placement: Trained professionals will place the plants and planters in the selected space.

Cleanup: After installation, any excess soil, debris, or packaging materials are typically cleaned up and removed from your property. This service is particularly valuable for individuals wanting to enhance their spaces with living plants but may lack the time, expertise, or equipment to do so themselves.

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Our goal is to promote the beautification and abundance of nature to revitalize spaces.

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