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We're a Boca Raton-based local enterprise specializing in upscale biophilic design, offering an array of premium plants and planters. With a commitment to top-notch products and a diverse selection of plant species, we aim to provide an immersive experience that seamlessly blends design and nature.

Our objective is to enhance spaces by promoting the beauty and abundance of nature, creating revitalized environments. We aspire to be a destination that affords visitors a profound connection with nature, making their experience truly enriching.


In the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, a seed of belief was planted in the heart of a dreamer. The desire to create something unique and fulfilling, combining design and nature, began to take root.

This is the story of how a family's unwavering belief in their dreams led them on a journey from Costa Rica to Florida.

Leaving behind the family embarked on a courageous adventure, seeking new opportunities and a chance to prove themselves. Florida, with its diverse landscape and vibrant communities, beckoned as the perfect place to cultivate their vision of greenery design.

With determination and a clear vision, the family set out to create a concept that would revolutionize the way people experience plants. They envisioned a plant store that would not only offer a wide variety of plants but also serve as a hub for design inspiration and education. To enhance the experience, a cozy cafeteria is integrated, allowing visitors to immerse themselves fully in the world of greenery.

The greenery design concept is quickly gaining traction in Florida. The family's attention to detail, impeccable taste, and ability to curate the perfect plants for each space is captivating the hearts of clients. From residential spaces to commercial establishments, the greenery designs bring a touch of nature and elegance to every environment.

The fulfillment they derived from turning their dream into reality is immeasurable. Not only had they created a thriving business, but they had also are enriching the lives of their clients, providing them with spaces that exuded harmony and vitality.


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Our service includes creating tailored proposals for commercial and residential spaces featuring high-quality planters and live plants.


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On this workshop you will learn The art of doing your own terrarium form start to finish, the correct techniques and the proper care.